1. Shunning the society of others; not sociable.
2. Hostile to or disruptive of the established social order; marked by or engaging in behaviour that violates accepted mores: gangs engaging in vandalism and other antisocial behaviour.
3. Antagonistic toward or disrespectful of others; rude.


Wears too much pink and probably too many bows. Spends time grazing on chocolate. Far too emotionally attached to her mobile phone, camera, and Mega (phone before bbf, priorities people). Likes to pretend she is artsy or something. Studies a bachelor Media & Photography at UTS with plans to do a masters in a degree that can actually get her a job.


Wears to much black and then attempts to tell you her favourite colour is pink. Unable to fill out a customs forms (but thats what friends are for, right Larissa?), but in more important news she has perfected her bitch look to deter incoming commuters from sitting next to her. Currently doing a bachelor in Business and Arts at UNSW with active plans to kill herself over accounting.

We are how you say, just a little inseparable?